Forget millennials. Gen-X is controlling the e-closing revolution

Source: National Mortgage News Published on 2019-05-16. forget millennials. gen-X is controlling the e-closing.Thanks to Ciavola and McAllister, there may now be fewer of them. Jon Ralston has been covering Nevada politics for more than a quarter-century and also blogs at

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Forget millennials Generation X is controlling the eClosing revolution As far as the mortgage industry is concerned, e-closings and emerging millennial homebuyers go hand-in-hand. The thinking goes that these tech-savvy individuals expect greater efficiency and convenience in the home buying process.

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Solving for Gen-X: High Achievers and the New Midlife Crisis Millennials closed mortgage loans at their fastest pace in four years as lower interest rates pushed up purchasing power and incentivized them to pull the trigger, according to Ellie Mae.

Ever since we labelled the post baby-boomers gen X, we got lazy in terms of naming the generations that followed. Gen Y (millennials) followed Gen X, and true to form, those born after 1995-2000 are commonly referred to as Gen Z. We have officially run out of alphabet. I always loved the R.E.M.’s music.

Bond fraud trial turns testy when defense takes on victim How we pick the Best Mortgage Companies to Work For People on the move: jan. 4 linthicum, MD, April 25, 2016- nfm lending is proud to announce that it was ranked one of the 50 Best Companies to Work For by Mortgage Executive Magazine. This is the third year in a row that NFM Lending has been ranked in this accolade. mortgage executive magazine conducted an extensive online survey of more than 10,000 Mortgage Loan Originators (MLOs) from over 200 mortgage companies and.Bernie Ebbers, the former CEO of WorldCom, on trial for securities fraud and other crimes, offered as his defense that he did not know what his officers were doing. a. Ebbers’ defense is a valid one because there is no intent. b. Ebbers’ defense is a valid one because there is no actus reus. c. Ebbers can be held liable for the actions of employees. d.

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Jaime Kosofsky is one of the founding partners of the North Carolina based law firm of Brady & Kosofsky. The focus of the firm’s practice revolves around all aspects of the real estate title and.

Slower growth doesn’t dim Fannie and Freddie mortgage outlook Rise in hurricane recovery times could strain mortgage servicers rise in hurricane recovery times could strain mortgage servicers The potential for longer homeowner recovery times from hurricanes could hurt mortgage companies that need to advance funds to investors from missed payments.Bonnie Sinnock Better mortgage credit quality should also encourage more aggressive lending, as should the decline in lenders’ battles with Fannie and Freddie over reps and warrants. If, homebuilding doesn’t.

Saving regret – and how to avoid it – bestrefinanceguide – In November 2018, the National Bureau of Economic Research published a paper called "Saving Regret" [here’s the full PDF version]. Once you wade through the study’s academic language, there’s some interesting stuff here about why people do and don’t save for retirement.

Lower mortgage rates help Hovnanian reduce its net loss A mortgage modification makes a permanent change to your mortgage; changes might include adding overdue payments to your loan balance, extending the number of years you have to pay off your mortgage or changing the interest rate on the loan. Sometimes job loss forces people to make the hard decision to move out of their homes.

The generation leading the revolution in divorce is, of course, Gen X. The biggest change is that there is a generation of people getting a divorce who were more or less equals in parenting and in.